Frequency Shifting: Madiba, Mubarak and Cape Town Weddings

Just back from an incredible wedding weekend in outrageous Cape Town. There is something truly otherworldly, as my husband Ephraim likes to say, about a city on the sea with a backdrop of majestic mountains behind. The geographical wonder of this dramatic contrast itself is more than breathtaking and it is almost as if I just can’t get enough: the sea, the air, the sun, the misty mountain mornings.

When I first arrived in South Africa I asked Ephraim where people go to convene with the divine, as Jewish synagogues particularly felt cold and unwelcoming in Johannesburg. No incense burning temples around every corner like in Kathmandu or orange-clad Tibetian monks wandering around Dharamshala to get your spiritual grooves on nor anything akin to the energy of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall.

I just couldn’t figure out how to connect, through which space and in what place. Ephraim told me that in South Africa, I would have to learn to connect to sacred space and mind through encounters with nature. It was an interesting idea at the time, but was still a foreign fantasy to this city girl.

My new life in the concrete compound called Joburg was daunting as I did not have a drivers license and with no public transportation to fall back on (they are working on it) I often felt stuck, like a caged bird with severely clipped and shorn wings.  I was a forlorn “poor me” newlywed, a bride with smeared mascara, no shoes and a broken crown. With friends and family far away and it was indeed a  time of “crash landing initiation”. I found myself 6 days after a higher-than-high wedding in Jerusalem on the lowest wrung of Johannesburgian despair. It took me a year and some to come out the other side of the eye of the needle. To loose myself in order to rediscover the divine “SHE” in me. But more on that later.

The universe seems to have a funny way of leading me sometimes. It all did feel like a great cosmic joke at the time, like “Hey Michalya, we think it would be a great idea to drop you in a South African shark infested sea and see if you can swim!” But it wasn’t funny and most usually not fun at all. Instead of swimming I sank. Luckily just when I was about to hit the bottom I started to remember how to do the butterfly.

Cape Town has been a part of my healing. At a festival this weekend a wise new friend told me that table mountain used to be called “the place where god dwells” and that the spirits still pray and gather there. Indeed, I discovered that I was able to realign with my higher self high up there in the sky. Every opportunity I have to go to Cape Town I jump and this weekend proved again opportune. Although I did not make it up to table mountain this trip, I re-encountered the Shechina, this time at a wedding.

I shared with Shifra and Ben Getz, the bride and groom, that a testament to a good wedding is that we fall deeper in love with eachother and our partners, riding on the energy they generated together from beneath the chuppah. The beautiful setting, the good vibrations and dancing under the stars was a taste of the world to come, and I cherished and am grateful for every moment.

Rumors started flying that Nelson Mandela had died towards the end of the wedding. No one really knew what to do with this information except to uncomfortably contain it. The next morning we found out the rumor was false and that “Madiba” was in the hospital. The rumor of Mandela’s demise however had seen a drop in the South African stock market and a reshuffle of foreign investment. We all marveled at this great being’s ability to hold a certain frequency for South Africa, and wondered what is to come for this country once Mandela has passed on. His departure will leave a great void for Africa and the entire world.

The power of one.

That same day the uprising in Egypt began. We spent the day at a trance party and the drive back glued to our blackberry’s for news. Again, a frequency shift, this time initiated not by a rumored death but rather that of a nation demanding reform.

What is the parallel here that I see?

Both Mandela and Mubarak have been holding a certain frequency for almost the same period of time. One leader in North Africa manifested himself as a modern day Pharaoh, his people slaves to a suffocating regime. The other leader manifested himself in South Africa as THE present day Moses, liberating his people from slavery and initiating a new era for the entire world.

Madiba and Mubarak, present day archetypal masters of darkness and light: one chose the archetype of Pharaoh and the other chose the archetype of Moses. One embraced the mantra of “let my people go” and the other the path of a closed heart. Both are on the way out. Space is being created, shifting is occurring, ‘herstory’ is in the making.

But where does that leave us?

Between the pyramids and table mountain, “the place where god dwells.”  Blessings that we recognize that we have the power to choose what kind of leader we are being and to learn from the leadership examples that are shifting in and out of focus around us. May we keep our hearts open, choose to be carriers of the light and embrace and support each other through all these holy shiftings.

The power of one is that we are one. We are in this together!


6 thoughts on “Frequency Shifting: Madiba, Mubarak and Cape Town Weddings

  1. Incredible insight and comparison—might even want to include another M—Mahatma Ghandi and his leadership of peaceful protest over British colonialism
    that changed the course of India and its growth spurt under democratic principles.
    We are indeed going through VERY trying times and we can only pray leadership other than Muslim brotherhood assumes leadership role in all the countries going through demonstrations and demands for change. So much lawlessness and greed
    and corruption all over the world—here too. In hindsight, calling Arafat a “moderate” and pouring billions in aid that never reached the populace but only
    enriched leaders and their favored supporters and gave credence to their cause.
    I am afraid it wont be long before the American public rebels against the massive amounts of money going to the pockets of despots while our own people are told there isnt enough money for proper health care, rising costs for everything while police, firefighters and teachers go thru pay cuts and pension funds and social security are in trouble. And despite optimistic reports on the economy, there is still widespread unemployment and housing foreclosures. Sad state of affairs. Is diplomacy a stalling tactic, postponing an inevitable shooting showdown? Grammy Irma

  2. Dearest Mimi,
    Wow, I am so happy I found your blog. You are amazing and your writing is beautiful. I loved reading your thoughts and feelings and felt you near,e and also so far away.
    Miss you so much…we must Skype soon. I want to see your blossoming belly.
    Sending lots of love and blessings. B’ sha’ah tova.

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